The Time Cavern
Juvenile Fiction
Book 1 of 2

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ISBN-10: 0982514514
Released: 10/09
Pages: 212
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The Time Cavern
Todd A. Fonesca

The mystery began a hundred years ago.
It was never solved. Now it's happening again.

When ten-year-old Aaron moved from the big city to the country, he thought it was a boring sleepy town. Then he met Jake, a know-it-all farm girl who said his house was haunted. She claimed an Amish boy disappeared without a trace after hearing the wind call his name. Aaron thought she was just trying to scare him...until the night he heard his own name in the wind.

Jake and Aaron Time
Travel Series

"Wow! What a terrific book - especially for young adult readers. What more could you ask for? Mystery, time travel, history - all rolled into one heck of a yarn." -- Joseph Perrone Jr, author of As the Twig is Bent

"The Time Cavern will stimulate and captivate the imagination of young readers, girls and boys alike. I urge parents and teachers to add this book to their libraries." -- D. B. Pacini, author of The Loose End of the Rainbow

"The Time Cavern showcases masterful storytelling that will immediately be passed forward to one of my nephews. I highly recommend picking up a copy for the  young explorers that you love." -- Roy L. Pickering, author of Patches of Grey

"The Time Cavern introduces us to what might just be the most original time  machine concept ever - not to give anything away, but if you’re a nut about time-travel, this is worth it for that alone." -- Eric D. Knapp, author of Cluck: Murder Most Fowl

 "Charming is the only word I can think of to describe this book. The Amish element, the
two cute kids, their families, the old barn, and, of course, what they discover in the woods is a compelling blend." --
Sandy Nathan, author of Numenon

"While reading The Time Cavern I was totally transported back to my childhood when
I was an avid reader of both the Hardy Boys mystery series and, yes, even the Nancy Drew mysteries. Those books were great back then and Fonseca has captured  the essence of what made those books great and has brought that essence forward  in time for today's young readers." --
 Gary V. Tenuta, author of The Ezekiel Code

"Todd A. Fonseca's "The Time Cavern" is a fantastic read for children and adults 
alike." --
J.R. Reardon, author of Confidential Communications