The Time Cavern
Juvenile Fiction
Book 2 of 2

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Released: 11/11
Pages: 224
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The Inverted Cavern
Todd A. Fonesca

When traveling through time, expect the unexpected.

Aaron and Jake received a message from the Amish boy they had returned a hundred years back in time, proving their experiment had been a success. When they discover the diary containing entries of their own adventures, it gives them the confidence to explore the past and future for themselves. They made careful preparations--thought of every possibility--and took every precaution.

So how could everything go so incredibly wrong?

Jake and Aaron Time
Travel Series

(Book 1 of the Series)

"The Time Cavern will stimulate and captivate the imagination of young readers, girls and boys alike. I urge parents and teachers to add this book to their libraries." -- D. B. Pacini, author of The Loose End of the Rainbow

"Todd Fonseca's Time Cavern is filled with adventure, mysteries, and life lessons all crafted into a charming tale. I loved the little fun facts woven throughout the story, which made it an enjoyable read even for someone my age. I highly recommend this fantastic book...well done, sir." -- Michael J. Sullivan, author of The Riyria Revelations

"The Time Cavern showcases masterful storytelling that will immediately be passed forward to one of my nephews. I highly recommend picking up a copy for the young explorers that you love." -- Roy L. Pickering, author of Patches of Grey

"The Time Cavern introduces us to what might just be the most original time machine concept ever—not to give anything away, but if you're a nut about time-travel, this is worth it for that alone." -- Eric D. Knapp, author of Cluck: Murder Most Fowl

"Charming is the only word I can think of to describe this book. The Amish element, the two cute kids, their families, the old barn, and, of course, what they discover in the woods is a compelling blend." -- Sandy Nathan, author of Numenon

"The mystery of The Time Cavern is clever, well-thought out, nicely researched in its details, and leaves me wanting more. I would love to read more of this story, so I hope a sequel will be forthcoming. Very well-written & highly recommended to readers of all ages!" -- Rai Aren, author of Secret of the Sands