Soldier of the Legion
Science Fiction
Book 1 of 6

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ISBN-13: 978-0982514566
Released: 05/2010
Pages: 302
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Soldier of the Legion
Marshall S. Thomas

He joined the Legion. He survived training on Planet Hell. He thought he'd seen it all. He was wrong.

His Legion designation is Beta 3, warname Thinker. This will be his first real mission, the first mission for all the members of Beta squad-young men and women given immortality but trained to die for the cause of freedom. They are going into the deep Outvac to investigate the remote planet Andrion 2. What they find could start a war, they all know that, but what they don't know will take every ounce of training to survive.

Soldier of the Legion is the first book in the heart-pounding military adventures of the Soldiers of the Legion Series--where virtue is worth dying for and honor is all that remains when the smoke clears.

Soldier of the Legion Series

"From first page to last, the action stopped just long enough to let me catch my breath. The story unfolds through the eyes of Thinker, a Legion warrior who joined up after a broken romance. Thinker and his fellow warriors are kept young and strong, immortal, through biotechnology beyond our present imagination. The barren worlds they face and alien life they battle become real through the author's creative mind and skillful writing style." --
Midwest Book Review

"SOLIDER OF THE LEGION is a deep, rich story that captures the heart of Sci-fi while bringing the elements of suspense, mystery, horror, and romance together and blending them into a perfect story that everyone will enjoy. Thomas's talent as a writer shines through the action, making the dialogue captivating, and in many passages, moving." --Nancy Mehl, Author