Slave of the Legion
Science Fiction
Book 3 of 6

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ISBN-13: 978-0982918003
Released: 12/2010
Pages: 300
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Slave of the Legion
Marshall S. Thomas

The O's had killed two billion humans. Beta Three wanted revenge. The Mound was in his sights.  

"There's no way the O's are going to inherit this world. It's going to glow
in the dark first."

When squad Beta is sent on a recon mission to Uldo in the Gassies, they find the Omni's--deadly aliens with unstoppable psychic power loose in the wrong universe. In a snowy landscape they discover the Mound, a massive, mysterious structure built by the O's. Approaching, they find the way lined with the impaled bodies of innocent humans. Allying with the infamous System against a common enemy, the Legion has decided the O's that have never been stopped, will be--on Uldo, at the Mound.

Slave of the Legion is the third book in the heart-pounding military adventures of the Soldiers of the Legion Series--where virtue is worth dying for and honor is all that remains when the smoke clears.

Soldier of the Legion Series

"Marshall S. Thomas excels at creating memorable characters and horrifying, realistic battles in dark territories far from home. He skillfully shows readers the physical and psychological toll taken on the warriors who sacrifice everything to keep humanity safe. Each battle fought for humanity`s cause, whether won or lost, brings Beta closer to a strange salvation.  fiction action/adventure genre." --
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