Recent Releases

Double Share (Trader Tales #4) by Nathan Lowell
An inexperienced officer. A dysfunctional ship. Life in the Deep Dark just got a lot harder.
In his first assignment as an officer, Ishmael Horatio Wang finds himself fresh out of school, wet behind the ears, and way out of his depth. Aboard the William Tinker the senior officers are derelict and abusive, the crew demoralized and undisciplined, and change unwelcomed and dangerous. Can Ishmael help the crew find the ship's heart? Or will he discover that bucking the system may come at too high a price?

Silent Songs (StarBridge Series #5) by A.C. Crispin & Kathleen O'Malley
In the skies of Trinity, the birdlike Grus welcome the deaf human ambassador, Tesa. In the seas of Trinity, the aquatic Singers communicate with the young telepath, Jib. But on the surface of Trinity, an alien life form has landed, and these amphibious beings from a distant world are definitely not friendly. Return to Trinity where Earth first discovered intelligent life, and discover whether the principles of friendship and understanding taught by the members of StarBridge will once again win the day.

Capital Murder (Sophie Lee Short Story #1) by Rick Murcer
Sophie Lee is in charge and takes center stage in this first short story
Her partner, Manny Williams, has joined the FBI, and Sophie is on her own with one of the most unusual murders in Michigan history. State Senator, Simon Young, has been found brutally mutilated. His wife is found covered in blood but denies her guilt. Was it all a lie or are there other forces at work? The deeper Sophie digs, the more the facts unravel into the realm of the improbable. Can she solve the puzzle before it's too late?

Cluck: Murder Most Fowl by Eric D. Knapp
The best zombie chicken book you'll ever read.
This is the first book for Ridan for Eric D. Knapp it tells the tale of Armand, the Chicken Exorcist who must face the Rooster King who has been spit from the mouth of hell to return to earth and server over his minions of undead poultry. Funny and beautifully written, if you're a fan of authors like Terry Prachett you'll love Cluck.
The Inverted Cavern by Todd A. Fonseca
When traveling through time, expect the unexpected.
Aaron and Jake received a message from the Amish boy they had returned a hundred years back in time, proving their experiment had been a success. When they discover the diary containing entries of their own adventures, it gives them the confidence to explore the past and future for themselves. They made careful preparations--thought of every possibility--and took every precaution. So how could everything go so incredibly wrong?

Caribbean Moon (Manny Williams Thriller #1) by Rick Murcer
No way to start a vacation.
Manny Williams thought a trip to the Caribbean to attend a wedding and a week long cruise just afterward would be a great way to relax and unwind. But what he did not count on is a maniacal killer stalking him and his fellow Lansing Police Officers. Now the bodies are piling up and Manny stands to lose everything if he can't find who is behind these gruesome crimes. If you like fast-paced thrillers, you're gonna love Caribbean Moon.


Deceitful Moon (Manny Williams Thriller #2) by Rick Murcer
The Chase Continues in the Second Manny Thriller Book
Detective Manny Williams and his partner, Sophie Lee, are called to the scene of a disturbing and gruesome murder at Lansing's local adult playhouse. The circumstances surrounding the ex-con's murder rocket deeper into the bizarre as the forensic evidence reveals more questions than answers. To make matters worse Dr. Argyle is up to his old tricks. Two serial killers. Each threatening to change Manny's life forever. One succeeds.


Emerald Moon (Manny Williams Thriller #3) by Rick Murcer
And the excitement just keeps coming in this third Manny Williams Thriller
When Carousel Cruise Lines asks Manny Williams to consult with them, and the FBI, regarding a series of hit-like murders involving their security staff, he agrees. It's been eleven months since Manny's world was turned upside down and it's time for him to get back to work..if he can. But his nemesis, has other plans that eventually take Manny  to Galway, Ireland, and a deadly chain of events that will send him to the brink...and beyond.

  Percepliquis ( Riyria Revelations) by Michael J. Sullivan
It all comes down to this.
The Heir of Novron is finally discovered, the wars have ended, and the architects of the New Empire have been vanquished.  It should be a time of celebration, prosperity, and peace. But the Uli Vermar has ended and the elves are coming...and they are not pleased. 

Serpent's Gift (StarBridge Series #4) by A.C. Crispin & Deborah A. Marshall
A young girl creates a mind-link with the StarBridge computer, and a series of deadly accidents threatens all life on the asteroid. This fourth book in the StarBridge Series is currently is in review by the author and we anticipate a December 2011 release. If you would like to be notified when this book is available, please use the button on the right to send Ridan an email. We'll let you know as soon as it is available for purchase.


Shadow World (StarBridge Series #3) by A.C. Crispin & Jannean Elliott
What price would a species pay to extend their lifespan?
The Elspind live brief but fulfilling lives. Gaining membership into the Cooperative League of Systems could bring many benefits...including a drug that would greatly extend their lives, but some are opposed to such infringement--violently opposed. Can a StarBridge interrelator unite the people of Elseemar? Come along with Mark, Cara, and Eerin on an adventure filled with danger where a single misstep could mean disaster.


Silent Dances (StarBridge Series #2) by A.C. Crispin & Kathleen O'Malley
A young StarBridge interrelator holds the key to determining if Earth has made its own First Contact
After discovering mankind is not alone in the universe, colonizing expeditions are required to search for intelligent life before developing new planets. If the birds of Trinity are intelligent, Earth could obtain membership in the Cooperative League of Systems. If not, it could mean millions to the Jamestown Founders. But exactly how do you prove intelligence?

StarBridge (StarBridge Series #1) by A.C. Crispin
We are not alone, and we're about to meet our neighbors.
Across the galaxy, there are eleven known intelligent races. Mankind will be the twelfth. Earth's first contact with an alien race turns to disaster when a friendly encounter erupts into inexplicable violence and the threat of interstellar war. Come along in this first book in the StarBridge series that is as relevant today as it was almost twenty years after its first release.