Bryce W. Anderson
Bryce Anderson holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Montana. He was raised in Missoula, MT, which is the setting of his book (Body of Knowledge). He reads for entertainment, education, and enlightenment. He currently lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife and four children, where he works as a solutions engineer for Exstream Software. He makes a habit out of pondering the unknown.

2009 Book Tree Reviews Book of the Year

Jackson Archer
Jackson is a fairly recent addition to the Ridan family. He joins the ranks of Nathan Lowell and Michael Sullivan and is a prolific writer that is writing some exceptional fantasy in very short time frames. Ridan is currently developing his first book for them "The Fated" and its release date is yet to be determined.

A. C. Crispin

A.C. Crispin is a seven time New York Times best-selling author and has more than 24 novels under her belt. She has written both for media tie ins (Star Wars, Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean, V) as well as her own original work published both individually and through collaborations. With Andre Norton she wrote two books from the Witch World series. Her StarBridge Series is being returned to the market from Ridan Publishing.

Seven-time New York Times Best Seller


Jannean Elliott 
Jannean Elliott has issued marriage licenses, chaperoned students through Europe, taught school, been a librarian, held supervisory positions at nuclear plants in Alabama and Tennessee, and currently is a  product manager for DOE's Office of Scientific and Technical Information. She counts writing Shadow World for the StarBridge Series and traveling to China to bring home daughter Joylynn as her two greatest adventures.  Jannean holds a BA in French and English from the University of Tennessee and an MLS from Brigham Young University.  Knoxville and Oak Ridge, Tennessee are her native "stomping grounds."


Ru Emerson 
Ru Emerson has written and sold 17 novels, including the popular Night Threads 6-volume series, and the first three tie-in novels based on the hit TV Series Xena: Warrior Princess. Her novels are also currently in print in Germany, England, Spain, and Italy. Ridan is producing Ru's Voices of Chaos book which is the sixth book in the StarBridge series.


Todd A. Fonseca
Todd A Fonseca is the author of the juvenile fiction novel The Time Cavern. Named a 2009 National Indie Excellence Book Award finalist and nominated for a 2008 Minnesota book award, his debut novel is the first in a series. His Time Cavern series is consistently ranked one of the most popular books on Amazon in Categories such as "Books for Boys", "Time Travel" and "Juvenile Fiction". Fonseca lives in Minnesota with his wife and four boys.

2009 National Indie Excellence Award Young Adult Fiction

Joe Haldeman
Joe's author blog
Joe Haldeman is a Science Fiction Grand Master whose body of work spans more than thirty-five years and comprises more than twenty-novels and five collections. His writing has been translated into nineteen foreign languages. Joe has also collaborated with his brother, science fiction writer Jack C. Haldeman II, on an award nominated project. Joe Haldeman is one of the most celebrated science fiction authors, living or dead. For a complete list of all his awards and nominations see his author's page here at Ridan.

Multiple Awards including:
5 Hugos, 5 Nebulas, 3 Rhyslings, and 4 Locus  Awards 
Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement
Robert A. Heinlein Award
Southeastern Science Fiction Lifetime Achievement Award
Interzone Poll All Time Best Science Fiction Author
Named to NPR's Top 100 Sci-fi/Fantasy list


T. Jackson King
T. Jackson King has read science fiction since the fourth grade, and his first scifi short story was published in the fifth grade school newsletter in Garden Grove, California. His Ancestor's World (written in collaboration with A.C. Crispin) is the fifth book in the StarBridge series.


Eric D. Knapp
Eric D. Knapp has been writing since the first grade, when he was awarded his first of two Young Author's Awards. Since then, Eric has worked as a telecommunications engineer and freelance technology writer for magazines such as "Telecommunications", "Exchange", and "ISP World". Knapp's major influences stem from classic science fiction authors such as Asimov and Bradbury, as well as more contemporary work from Adams and Vonnegut.


Nathan Lowell
Nathan Lowell  has been a writer for more than forty years, and first entered the literary world by podcasting his novels. His sci-fi series, The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper grew from his long time fascination with space opera and his own experiences shipboard in the United States Coast Guard. Nathan's works are consistently the top rated works on (4 out of Top 10 Overall Rated by Votes, 6 out of Top 10 Rated Overall*)

* Rankings as of January 1, 2010

Multiple Parsec & PodioBooks Founder's Choice Awards


Deborah A. Marshall
Deborah A. Marshall collaborated with A.C. Crispin on Serpent's Gift. The book was originally published in 1992 by Ace Publishing and is being re-released through Ridan as part of the StarBridge release. This is the fourth book in the StarBridge Series.


Leslie Ann Moore
Leslie Ann Moore has been a storyteller since childhood. A native of Los Angeles, she received a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of California. She lives and works in Los Angeles, and in her spare time she practices the art of belly dancing. Griffin's Daughter is her first novel which was awarded the 2008 IBPA Ben Franklin Award for Best First Fiction.

2008 IBPA Ben Franklin Award for Best First Fiction for Griffin's Daughter


Rick Murcer and 
Rick Murcer is a writer of police procedural thrillers. His first three books Caribbean Moon, Deceitful Moon, and Emerald Moon sold more than 300,000 copies between April and October 2011.  He had two books in Amazon's top ten for many weeks and became both a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author.

Two-time New York Times Best Seller

USA Today Best Seller



Kathleen O'Malley
Kathleen O'Malley  has collaborated with A.C. Crispin on two of the seven Starbridge books: Silent Dances and Silent Songs and also worked on Serpent's Gift. In addition to the works released by Ridan, Kathleen has also written a Star Trek Next Generation book (Possession) and worked with A.C. Crispin on the novelization of Alien Resurrection based on the script by Josh Whedon.  She also has contributed stories in three anthologies: Tales of Zorro, The Ultimate Werewolf, and Werewolves and Shapeshifters: Encounters with the Beast Within.

Michael J. Sullivan
Michael has written for twenty years and had completed thirteen full-length novels before starting on his critically acclaimed Riyria Revelations. Conceived as a single tale split among six self-contained books, the entire series was written before the first one was released. The series was designed like a television series where a single story arc would span a season while each week an individual episode would be revealed. Michael has since sold this series to Orbit books who will be re-releasing the six-volumes as 3 2-book Omnibus editions.

Michael recently released a free short story, prequel to the Riyria Revelations, and is at work on a modern day fantasy, as well as a literary fiction piece. 

Multiple Awards


Marshall S. Thomas
Marshall writes Military Science Fiction and credits Robert Heinlein as a major influence in his writings. He has written a six book epic science fiction tale.  All six books are now in print by Ridan.

Multiple Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Finalists