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Orbit Omnibus Version
Book 2 of Heir of Novron

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ISBN-13: 978-1937475017 Released: 01/12
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Michael J. Sullivan

It All Comes Down to This...The Elves Have Crossed the Nidwalden. Two Thieves Will Decide the Future.

"I saw a great journey. Ten upon the road, she who wears the light will lead the way. The road goes deep into the earth, and into despair. The voices of the dead guide your steps. You walk back in time. The three-thousand-year battle begins again. Cold grips the world, death comes to all, and a choice is before you." -- Fan Irlanu, Tenkin Seerer of Oudorro Village

Percepliquis is the final installment of the epic fantasy, The Riyria Revelations. In this saga that began with The Crown Conspiracy, two thieves caught in the wrong place at the right time were launched on a series of ever escalating adventures that have all lead to this moment. Three thousand years have passed and the time for Novron's heir to act has arrived.

NOTE: Ridan is selling the print version only for previous buyers of the Riyria Revelations in their original six-book format. The kindle version is sold by Orbit. For those buying books from Orbit Percepliquis can be found as the second book in Heir of Novron which also includes book #5 Wintertide.

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