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Nyphron Rising
Book 3 of 6

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Book 1 of Rise of Empire

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ISBN-13: 978-0979621130
Released: 01/2010
Pages: 324
Weight: 14 oz

Nyphron Rising
Michael J. Sullivan

A puppet is crowned. The true heir remains hidden. A rogue's
secret could change everything.

War has come to Melengar. To save her kingdom, Princess Arista runs a desperate gamble when she defies her brother and hires Royce and Hadrian for a dangerous mission. As the power of the Nyphron Empire grows, so does Royce's suspicion that the wizard Esrahaddon is using the thieves as pawns in his own game. To find the truth, he must unravel the secret of Hadrian's past...what he discovers could change end their friendship.

Nyphron Rising is the third book in the captivating Riyria Revelations. Instead of a string of sequels this six-book fantasy series was conceived as a single epic tale divided into individual episodes. All were written before the first was released so that plot elements are intertwined, yet each book has its only story and conclusion.

NOTE: Nyphron Rising is permanently out of print as a stand alone book and will now be included in the Orbit (Fantasy Imprint of Hachette Book Group) Omnibus edition: Rise of Empire.

Riyria Revelations (Orbit) Series

Riyria Revelations Series


"Mr. Sullivan brings back a type of story that's had very little presence in this genre in the last twenty years or more. I, for one, wish him much success and hope his career is a long one. Making swashbuckling tales popular again creates more excellent choices for fantasy readers." -- Greg Hersom, Fantasy Literature

"Michael J. Sullivan is not a surprise for me anymore, but an author that already established his place within the fantasy genre. "Nyphron Rising", like Sullivan's previous novels, offers an adventurous tale and a captivating story, returning to the roots and values of the classical fantasy." -- Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews

"The second half of the book, is amazing and probably constitutes Mr. Sullivan's strongest work yet...Nyphron Rising is another capable installment in a fantastic series. Fans of the Riyria Revelations will not be disappointed." -- Speculative Fiction Junkie

"Nyphron Rising is a great story -- a fun plot with new characters and plenty of action! Sullivan's writing style is easy to follow and the story is complex enough to be exciting, but not so complex that you have to keep backtracking to remember who’s who and what happened when.-- John Hulet, Fantasy Literature

"Sullivan ramps up all his long-arc plot threads, gives us more small wavering glimpses at the future, and tells us another rip-roaring yarn worthy of even the best fireside storyteller. A Triumph! I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you haven't been reading Michael J. Sullivan's Ryria Revelations series, you are missing out. Go grab them today here and set out on a voyage of adventure and intrigue.-- Iceberg Ink Fantasy Review