Michael J. Sullivan

Michael Sullivan started his writing career at the tender age of ten. After reading Lord of the Rings, he decided to craft a similar tale written on a manual typewriter found when cleaning out his sister's closet. Over a span of fifteen years he wrote thirteen novels, and after finding no traction in publishing quit for nearly ten years.
Michael's writing spark was re-ignited when he started reading Harry Potter with his dyslexic middle daughter. He wrote a six-book series the Riyria Revelations which he had no intetion on publishing.

Michael eventually self-published/indie-published the first five of his Riyria Revelations all of which became Amazon bestsellers in Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, and Historical Fantasy.  He sold over 90,000 copies and they were retired in August 2011 because the series had been picked up by Orbit (fantasy imprint of Hachette Book Group) who is republished the books as a trilogy.

Michael was born in Detroit Michigan and has lived in Vermont, North Carolina and Virginia. He worked as a commercial artist and illustrator, founding his own advertising agency in 1996, which he closed in 2005 to pursue writing full-time. He currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia with his wife and three children. He is currently working on Antithesis (a fantasy set in modern times, and a literary fiction piece, A Burden to the Earth

Oribt Versions (available Nov 2011, Dec 201, Jan 2012)
Ridan Versions (1-5 out of print 6 due out in January 2012)
Short Stories
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Awards & Recognition 

  • 2012 Fantasy Book Critic's Top 5 Anticipated releases for Jan-Mar 2012 (Heir of Novron/Percepliquis)
  • 2011 Library Journal's September Debut for Fantasy (Theft of Swords)
  • 2010 Fantasy Book Critic's Top 10 (Wintertide)
  • 2010 Fantasy Book Critic's Top 25 (The Emerald Storm)
  • 2010 Iceberg's Ink Best Read (The Crown Conspiracy)
  • 2010 Goodreads Top 15 Choice Award Nominee for Fantasy (The Emerald Storm)
  • 2010 Fantasy Book Critic's Anticipated Releases of 2010 (Wintertide) 
  • 2010 Fantasy Book Critic's Antipipated Releases of 2010 (The Emerald Storm)
  • 2009 Bookspot Central's Tournament of Books Winner (Avempartha)
  • 2009 Dark Wolf's Fantasy Review's Top 10 (Crown Conspiracy, Avempartha, Nyphron Rising)
  • 2009 Dark Wolf's Fantasy Review's Top 5 Mid Year List (The Crown Conspiracy)
  • 2009 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Finalist (Avemparhta, Nyphron Rising)
  • 2009 Speculative Fiction Junkie's Top 5 Close Contender (Crown Conspiracy)
  • 2009 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist for Fantasy (Crown Conspiracy)
  • 2008 ReaderViews Literary Award Finalist for Fantasy for (Crown Conspiracy)
  • 2007 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Finalist for Fantasy
Michael's Writing

Orbit Riyria Revelations Versions:Theft of Swords | Rise of Empire | Heir of Novron

Original Riyria Versions: The Crown Conspiracy * | Avempartha* | Nyphron Rising* | The Emerald Storm* | Wintertide* | Percepliquis

Short Storys:The Viscount and the Witch 

Works in process:A Burden to the Earth  |Antithesis  |Untitled

From Michael:
I wrote the entire Riyria Series before publishing the first book. I wanted to have a single tale that spanned several books but still keep each one self-contained episodes. I structured it like a television series with a story running anentire season but individual episodes each week. I didn't want a string of a s sequels that merely took a developed set of characters on another adventure. I wanted their pasts to be revealed slowly and the world to unfold as the reader spends time there. The books are designed to be "fun reads" with characters and plots that hopefully keep you wanting more.

*Indicates out of print works availalbe only through resellers in paperback