Griffin's Shadow
Book 2 of 3

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ISBN-10: 097962116X
ISBN-13: 978-0979621161
Released: 07/09
Pages: 380
Weight: 1.4

Griffin's Shadow
Leslie Ann Moore

Long ago the world was saved. The key to destruction
was hidden. Now it is back concealed in a young girl

Griffin's Shadow continues the adventure of Jelena, a mixed race outcast raised as a servant who has found a new home among the elves. But her peaceful life is shattered as war looms and the power of the Nameless One grows. Set amidst shocking betrayals and uneasy alliances, hers is a story of courage and enduring love in the face of adversity.

Griffin's Shadow is the second book in the award winning Griffin's Daughter Trilogy. This epic tale tells of a young girl trying to find love and acceptance in a world of magic and adventure.

Griffin's Daughter Series

"This satisfying sequel to 2007's Griffin's Daughter, the coming-of-mage saga of half-elf Cinderella-esque heroine Jelena Sakehera, avoids most mid-trilogy sagginess with nonstop action and sympathetic characterizations...Moore's narrative drive and suspenseful plot twists will leave readers eager for the conclusion to this intricate and appealing tale."  --  Publisher's Weekly

"Her strong male and female characters and their abiding feelings of love and honor bring a sense of true heroism to their struggles against their obstacles. A solid choice for larger libraries and for readers who enjoy fantasy with an Asian overlay.." -- Library Journal

"Griffin's Shadow is a masterfully crafted fantasy adventure which immerses readers in it's characters and wonderfully created universe. Once again, Moore seamlessly weaves in issues of prejudice while advancing the story." -- Tag My Book on Amazon

"The repressed half-elves of the novel are fascinating, and there's a satisfying amount of conflict, especially from an unexpected source." -- Fantasy Debut

"The sequel to Griffin's Daughter is an excellent epic fantasy, which takes a plausible terrific spin that makes the second entry fresh and brisk." -- Alternate Worlds