Finding Reason

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ISBN-10: 0979621178
Released: 07/09
Pages: 206
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Bryce W. Anderson

He's the most intelligent man I ever met. His friendship meant
everything to me. So the only logical thing was for me to kill him.

An ant has two stomachs. I know this because my neighbor told me. He's incredibly intelligent and we've talked every evening on his porch for--has it only been two months? He's taught me to look at everything differently, and I've learned so much: the nature of time, the value of inquiry, and an understanding that even the impossible can sometimes be true. He's become my mentor, guide and best friend. You might be interested in knowning why I thought the only logical thing to do was to kill him.

The Finding Reason is the first in a series of stories by Bryce Anderson. The next book's release date is not yet scheduled.

"I have no doubt that this is one of the books that will endure generations, as they say, one of the "Next Great American Novels."-- Book Reviewer FNORDIncorporated (June 2009)

"WOW! What an amazing book! Great job Bryce Anderson! This book will stimulate your mind with deep questions of life and eternity. Yet it is an easy to read, don't want to put it down book!"-- Wanda (Good Reads)

"The unfolding of this novel brings about thoughts of morality, secrets, emotion, self examination and weaves it all in an engrossing, multi-layered story that is both educational and entertaining. I believe this is difficult to do with dialogue, which in itself is a main character in this book. But in many places, it's perfection." -- Molly Thirkell (GoodReads)

"It is a story of faith, friendship, journeys, and self discovery. His book contains light, truth, and inspiration that most literary works lack today. I highly recommend it as an addition to your personal library." -- Rebecca (GoodReads)