Curse of the Legion
Science Fiction
Book 6 of 6

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ISBN-13: 978-0982514559
Released: 03/2010
Pages: 336
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Curse of the Legion
Marshall S. Thomas

What do you owe the future, and what do you owe the past?

With the hated totalitarian System on the verge of collapse and the dreaded alien Omnis observing an unexpected truce, veteran soldier of the Legion Thinker has finally found happiness with his wife Priestess in a cozy home raising his children and teaching new Legion recruits. It is a dream he never thought possible, a haven of peace and comfort. It is also short-lived, as a savage massacre of Outworlder settlers on the Outvac planet Fortuna leads the Confederation of Free Worlds to all out war with the Gassies world Asumara. Only not everything is as it appears, and soon the Legion finds itself fighting for the survival of its civilization against a shadowy enemy willing to do the unthinkable to destroy ConFree.

Return to the legion for this final episode in the heart-pounding military adventures of the Soldiers of the Legion Series--where virtue is worth dying for and honor is all that remains when the smoke clears. All six books of the series have been Amazon Best Sellers for Science Fiction.

Soldier of the Legion Series

"I'm a little sad to see this excellent sci fi series end. I've fought horrific battles with the characters, visited frightening or beautiful worlds, stood my ground with them as life exploded in flames around them, and watched them mature through every harrowing assignment. With skill and compassion, the author brought these characters to life for me. I'll miss these courageous Legion immortals, forever young and strong as they seek truth and justice throughout the known universe. 
--   Laurel Johnson (