Cross of the Legion
Science Fiction
Book 5 of 6

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ISBN-13: 978-0979621192
Released: 10/2009
Pages: 400
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Cross of the Legion
Marshall S. Thomas

What can be worse than the Os?

The war-weary Thinker having found contentment on Andrion 2 returns to active duty when Tara goes missing during a surprise attack by the Omnis. The spidery Os, skilled telepaths with superior weapons and a taste for humans, have long been the scourge of the known universe, yet as Thinker hunts for Tara he discovers there is a terror that even the Omnis fear. An ancient killer is coming for everyone, human and Omni alike and the only chance to stop it was obliterated more than two thousand years ago.

Cross of the Legion is the fifth book in the heart-pounding military adventures of the Soldier of the Legion Series--where virtue is worth dying for and honor is all that remains when the smoke clears.

Soldier of the Legion Series

"I'm always excited to find a new addition to the Soldier of the Legion Series in my mailbox. The characters in this series seem like old friends to me now, and I'm eager to discover what sort of dangers they might encounter. I'm not a sci fi devotee, but this series is so imaginative, so well written and rich in imagery that I find myself devouring every page...It has everything: memorable, courageous heroes who are all but immortal thanks tobiotechnology; fierce battle action on hostile worlds; ghastly creatures bent on eliminating all humans; and, most of all, this series of books has heart and hope for all who read them. Highly recommended." -- Laurel Johnson of Midwest Book Reviews