Caribbean Moon
Thriller/Police Procedural
Book 1 of 5

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ISBN (pb): 978-1937475147
ISBN (eb): 978-1937475192
Released: 12/2011
338 Pages

Caribbean Moon
Rick murcer

No Way to Start a Vacation

Manny Williams thought a trip to the Caribbean to attend a wedding and a week long cruise just afterward would be a great way to relax and unwind. But what he did not count on is a maniacal killer stalking him and his fellow Lansing Police Officers. Now the bodies are piling up and Manny stands to lose everything if he can't find who is behind these gruesome crimes. If you like fast-paced thrillers, you're gonna love Caribbean Moon .

Manny Williams Thriller Series


"Caribbean Moon is full of thrill, mystery and well-developed characters"
-- Doubleshot Reviews

"A great read from start to finish. Manny Williams is a very believable character. This book has many twists and turns. Once started it was very hard to put down. Cant wait for the next Manny Williams thriller!" -- Mystery Reader

"If you like good suspenseful fiction, backed by solid research, and with believable characterisation, read this." -- Kindle Addicts in an RV